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Rhyl & District Motor Club meet every Thursday at The Salusbury Arms, Tremeirchion.
Anyone who has the desire to become involved in motorsport is more than welcome to come and join us for a natter.
If you wish to become a member of Rhyl & District Motor Club, then click on ‘Club membership form’ below and either send your application in the post to the Membership Secretary or alternatively bring it to a club night.
The first Thursday of the month is the Committee meeting which is closed to club members only.
If you have any questions, then please complete the Contact form below

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Rhyl & District Motor Club was founded over 70 years ago and is a group of people of all ages interested in competing in motorsport and Motor Club activities at a grass roots level.

Professional Motorsport can be expensive to compete in without sponsorship, but in Rhyl & District Motor Club most of our events are designed around using a standard road car with low event entry fees and a whole year's membership will cost from just £10

The club can be regarded as a starting point for a career in Motor Sport, or simply a leisure activity.

What do we do in Motorsport?

We promote a variety of motor sport competitions to enable our members to enjoy well organised competitive events under the rules of the Motor Sports Association. We provide help to anyone starting in competition, from completing their MSA licence application to entering their first event, encourage and train members for official roles in the sport, provide information and advice, and promote events within Rhyl and the surrounding area. We run other events, such as Road Rallies, Night Navigationals, Scatters and Autotests, which are ideal for newcomers to gain experience of motor sport competition.

Rhyl & District Motor Club also have a great group of people who go out marshalling on various events. This is an opportunity for people who enjoy the involvement in the sport but can’t afford to compete. Simple come along to the club on Thursday nights and have a chat with some of the members who go marshalling.

The club has members living across the UK, mostly in North Wales. This website, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts, keeps members informed of local, regional and national motor sport news and events.

You will be equally well catered for whether you’re looking for a bit of fun in your road car (without risk of damaging it, or yourself) or you have a more ambitious outlook and a specialist competition vehicle. Club motor sport has many different forms, and costs vary accordingly, but our aim is to promote as broad a spectrum as possible, providing opportunities for all tastes and budgets. If you would just like to become more involved in motor sport in your area, please join the club and support events by marshalling or assisting with the running of our events.