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WRGB 2015 - A huge thanks to all the marshals

Posted 20 November 2015

ARTHUR JONES would like to thank all club members and friends who came out to support WRGB 2015 and can only echo the organisers thoughts and agree with their comments below………

Well, what a week that was!

I am sure that, like me, you will be physically and emotionally drained by the past few days – but along with that also comes an amazing sense of pride in being an integral part of something very special.

There can have been very few years when the event was quite so gruelling, demanding and challenging throughout the entire week, but whatever has been thrown at us, we have together managed to overcome it. That is a huge reflection of the amazing skills and resilience of the people involved in British motor sport.

The heroes of this week were not in the cars; they were found on the stages, at the controls and in the organisational teams, in particular those who were out in the worst of the conditions for days on end to make sure that this event went ahead as planned. All week the drivers and teams have been praising the fantastic work of the marshals and many did so again on the podium on Sunday afternoon.

In adversity, the best rise to the challenge; last week you were amazing and on behalf of everyone involved with the rally I would like to thank you for your extraordinary efforts. You have proved, once again, that the UK’s marshals are the best in the world.

As a small token of our appreciation, we commissioned a short wrap-up video to be produced which is hot off the press and available now at

We have also got our hands on some fantastic photographs from the event, which can be downloaded from here:

I hope you’ll come back again next year when we move to the last week in October. I am tempted to suggest that the weather might be a bit better then, but this is Wales Rally GB after all, so you never know!